What will my virtual exhibit look like? What features are included?
The virtual platform will have a page dedicated for CCCF exhibitors.

Once delegates enter the virtual exhibit hall they will see a picture of a 3D exhibit hall with your company logo (see screenshot to the right).

When delegates click on your logo they will be brought to your specific company webpage which will be customized with your company information including your logo, company description and contact information and any images, PDFs or videos you’d like to provide.

What information will be uploaded to the virtual exhibit? What formats?
Is there a limit?

  • Logo: PNG, JPG Resolution: 2200x1400px
  • PDF: single or multi-page file
  • Pictures: PNG, JPG Resolution: 1920x1080px
  • Video: MP4 720p / 1080p (recommend 2-3 minutes)
  • There is no limit to the amount of content
  • Company description
  • Social Media links and contact information
  • Website link

How will exhibitors upload information for their virtual exhibit?
Information will be uploaded by using the platform exhibitor portal. If you’re an exhibitor but have not yet received the link to upload your information, please connect with Rebecca@bayleygroup.com

When does information need to be uploaded for the virtual exhibit?
The due date is September 24, 2020.

Is there a 1:1 sponsor/exhibitor and delegates chat option?
For CCCF there is no 1:1 chat option, the exhibit is static, however there is an opportunity for delegates to leave their business card for you to respond.

What does lead retrieval look like with virtual exhibits?
Delegates will be able to drop off a ‘business card’ at your booth to request more information. You’ll also receive statistics post-conference of the number of individuals who clicked on your specific booth and how many of them clicked on the various materials you provided in your virtual booth space (for example your video or PDF).

How will the business card drop-off work?
There will be an action button delegates can click on to request more information from the exhibitor. The information provided to the exhibitor will be the information in the delegate profile. At minimum name and email but delegates will be encouraged to add pictures, bios, country, phone, social media etc.

How are the business cards received?
You will receive a list post-conference.

What statistics will be provided post-conference?
Due to GDPR regulations we can’t share any contact information. We can provide overall statistics but we don’t have permission to share contact information from this. It has to be an active choice of participants.

Will there be any promotion to attendees directing them to visit the virtual exhibit hall?
Yes, general promotions about the virtual exhibit hall will be included in our promotions.

Will we receive a mock up of the virtual exhibit to review and approve?
Yes, the platform provider is aiming to have previews for exhibitors by September 30.