Year in Review

Cardiogenic Shock – Adriana Luk, University of Toronto

Pharmacologic Management of Delirium Among Critically Ill Patients – Naheed Jivraj, University of Toronto

What’s New in Airway Management – Matteo Parotto, University of Toronto

Early Mobilisation in the ICU – Mika Hamilton, University of Toronto

State of the Art

 Critical Care and Climate Change – Srinivas Murthy, University of British Columbia

Weaning VV-ECMO – Yiorgos Alexandros Cavayas, University of Montreal

The Latest on Steroids in Sepsis – Bijan Teja, University of Toronto

Liberation from Mechanical Vent in Children – Luciana Rodriguez Guerinea

Principles in the Care of Patients with Persistent Critical Illness – Kimia Honarmand, Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital