Scientific Presentations of the Critical Care Canada Forum 2019

Presentation titles in red can be clicked to view a PDF of the presentation.

Plenary Address – ICRH / CCCS Distinguished Lecture in Critical Care
Moderators: D Cook, B Paunovic
Grand East
8:00-8:25  A Research Agenda on Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome J Lacroix 
Legal Issues at End of Life
Moderators: A Baker, N Ferguson, A Fox-Robichaud
Grand East
8:30-8:45  Are Withholding and Withdrawing Life Support Really the Same? G Rubenfeld 
8:45-9:00  Practice Variation in Withdrawal Around the World R Fowler 
9:00-9:10  When Brain Death is Questioned A Healey 
9:10-9:20  When CPR is Withheld J Downar 
9:20-9:30  Impact on Practice, from a Legal Perspective D Jarvis
Ventilation & Weaning
Moderators: K Bosma, N Yehya
Grand Centre
8:30-8:55  The Physiologic Basis of Mechanical Ventilation M Tobin 
8:55-9:15  Mechanical ventilation discontinuation practices: An international perspective K Burns 
9:15-9:35  Precision Medicine for ARDS: Learning from the past J Laffey 
9:35-9:55  Understanding the cause of reverse triggering E Baedorf Kassis 
Gender & Equity in Critical Care
Moderators: D Cook, D Scales
Grand Centre
10:30-10:50  Leigh Report from the Gender Equity Forum J Parsons 
10:50-11:10  Strategies to advance women in academic medicine G Mehta 
11:10-11:30  Gender differences in research grants & awards in Canada K Burns
Long-Term Outcomes
Moderators: B Cuthbertson, C Hough
Grand East
10:30-10:50  It’s not just comorbidity: pre-ICU risk factors for post-ICU outcomes L Ferrante
10:50-11:10  Frailty – does it really matter? S Bagshaw
11:10-11:30  Should intensivists worry about prescribing opioids in the ICU? H Wunsch
Clinical Research II
Moderators: N Ferguson, R Zarychanski
Sheraton AB
10:30-10:50  Navigating the Haze of Bayes G Rubenfeld
10:50-11:10  Evaluating Devices in Critical Care – the Role of the IDEAL Framework M Campbell
11:10-11:30  What Outcomes are Important to Patients and Caregivers Following Critical Illness? B Connolly
Late Breaking Session – New Data
Moderators: R Fowler, S Dev
Grand East
11:40-12:00  Multicentre 3 Wishes Project D Cook
12:00-12:05  Editorial Comment – from the Editor D Taichman
12:05-12:10  Editorial Comment – from a Palliative Care Intensivist J Downar
WJ Sibbald Systems of Care Symposium
Moderators: R Fowler, S Bagshaw
Grand East
13:30-13:50  Fraud, Forgery, and Fake News in the medical literature D Maslove 
13:50-14:10  Strain capacity – what can we do? S Bagshaw 
14:10-14:30  Is there an optimal staffing model for critical care? H Wunsch 
14:30-14:50  Engaging ICU patients and their families in research & QI T Stelfox 
Education Matters
Moderators: G Doufle, D Piquette
Grand Centre
13:30-13:50  Frank Rutledge Award Lecture A Goffi 
13:50-14:10  CBME in CCM the First 5 Months: What’s Working and What’s Not? A Fox-Robichaud 
14:10-14:30  Impact of Resident Scheduling on Patient Care and Education D Piquette 
14:30-14:50  Critical Care Ultrasound: What you Need to Start a Program in 2019 R Arntfield 
Nutrition & Infections in the ICU
Moderators: Y Arabi, C Dos Santos
Sheraton AB
13:30-13:50  ICU Nutrition – How Many Calories? How Much Protein? Y Arabi 
13:50-14:10  Are the Critically Ill Actually Hungry? P Young 
14:10-14:30  Catheter Related Infections  A Kumar 
14:30-14:50  Does the White Count Matter in Septic Shock? R Zarychanski 
ARDS Precision Medicine to Physiology
Moderators: E Fan, C Hough
Grand East
15:30-15:50  ARDS Subphenotypes: Getting Closer to Bedside Identification C Calfee 
15:50-16:10  Weaning the difficult to wean patient E Goligher 
16:10-16:30  What is all the Fuss about Driving Pressure? E Fan 
16:30-16:50  ARDS: the RED ROSE Study J Beitler 
4 Things to Learn Today
Moderators: D Klein, L Munshi
Grand Centre
15:30-15:50  The Unstable Poisoned Patient M St Onge 
15:50-16:10  E-Cigarettes: What Intensivists Should Know C Calfee 
16:10-16:30  New Therapies in Cancer Care and Implications for Critical Care L Munshi 
16:30-16:50  The Critically Ill Pregnant Patient S Lapinsky