Scientific Presentations of the Critical Care Canada Forum 2019

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Deceased Donation Track: Plenary Address – Presumed Consent for Organ Donation
Moderator: S Shemie
Grand East
8:00-8:20  Opt Out Legislation Experience in the United Kingdom P Walton 
8:20-8:30  Pending Legislation in Nova Scotia S Beed 
Sepsis I – Syndromes & Mechanisms
Moderators: D Klein, R Zarychanski
Grand Centre
8:30-8:50  Diagnosing Sepsis: What is Missing? A Fox-Robichaud 
8:50-9:10  The Gastrointestinal Tract in MODS: A History J Marshall 
9:10-9:30  Lactic Acid and Base Excess in Sepsis L Gattinoni 
9:30-9:50  Renal Issues in Septic Shock A Kumar 
CIHR/CCCS Session – Why and How Integrating KT in Science and Practice?
Moderators: K Feist, M St Onge
Sheraton AB
8:30-8:50  Why & How to Integrate KT into Research T Clifford 
8:50-9:00  Oral Abstract – Assessment of Cerebral Perfusion During Regional Recirculation in a Porcine DCD Model R Ribeiro
9:00-9:20  Why & How to Integrate KT into Practice J Moore 
9:20-9:30  Oral Abstract – Outcomes & Costs for ECMO in Adults S Fernando
9:30-9:50  The Scientist’s Role in a Learning Healthcare System B Rochwerg 
Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation III
Moderator: S Beed
Grand East
8:30-9:30  Opt Out Legislation: Is Canada Really Ready for This? Panel Discussion
9:30-10:00  Organ Donation Conversations P Walton 
Moderators: D Brodie, AM Guerguerian
Grand West
8:30-8:50  EOLIA and Beyond A Combes 
8:50-9:10  Optimizing Value for ECMO Delivery K Barrett 
9:10-9:30  The Future of Extracorporeal Organ Support: Integrated Platforms D Brodie
9:30-9:50  Anticoagulation and Extracorporeal Circuits G Annich 
Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation IV
Moderator: S Dhanani
Grand East
10:30-10:50  Brain Blood Flow, Perfusion and Function M Chasse 
10:50-11:10  DCD Hearts: Maintaining Permanence in NRP S Shemie 
11:10-11:50  Challenging Cases Panel Discussion
Sepsis II – Therapeutics
Moderators: J Marshall, D Maslove
Grand Centre
10:30-10:50  Corticosteroids B Rochwerg 
10:50-11:10  Beta Blockers E Baedorf Kassis
11:10-11:30  Aphaeresis and IVIG R Zarychanski 
11:30-11:50  Vitamin C F Lamontagne 
CIHR/CCCS Session – Discovering New Knowledge: The Role of the Physician Scientist in Critical illness
Moderators: C Dos Santos, B Yipp
Sheraton AB
10:30-10:50  Heterogeneity in Immune Suppression in Early Sepsis A Leligdowicz 
10:50-11:00  Oral Abstract – High-Flow Nasal Cannulae Compared to Conventional O2 or NIV – A D Granton
11:00-11:20  Microbiota-Immune Interaction in Infection and Critical Illness B McDonald 
11:20-11:30  Oral Abstract – The Cerebral Perfusion Index – A Novel Model of Cerebral Perfusion J Khan
11:30-11:50  Endothelial Leakage – A Neglected Therapeutic Opportunity W Lee 
Moderators: K Barrett, A Combes
Grand West
10:30-10:50  Rescue vs. Salvage ECMO: What’s the Difference? D Brodie 
10:50-11:10  High Flow ECMO vs. ECCO2R in Severe ARDS L Gattinoni 
11:10-11:30  ECPR and ECMO During The Post Resuscitation Period A Guerguerian 
11:30-11:50  Cerebral Complications in ECMO Patients: Monitoring and Management M Oddo 
Plenary Address
Moderator: D Piquette
Grand East
12:00-12:25  If Your Favourite Restaurant Ran the ICU: What Hospitals Can Learn From Hospitality G Rubenfeld / N McCotter 
BPK Legacies I
Moderators: M Amato, S Shemie
Grand East
13:30-13:50  Hypercapnia in ARDS – should we permit, remove or induce? J Laffey 
13:50-13:55  Oral Abstract – Esophageal and Pleural Pressures in Unilateral Lung Injury L Bastia
14:05-14:25  CNAP – novel approach to prevent VILI T Yoshida 
14:30-14:50  Adult versus pediatric ARDS biomarkers N Yehya 
Emerging Research/Meet the Editor
Moderators: B Connolly, K Menon
Sheraton AB
13:30-13:50  What next from the Antipodes? P Young 
13:50-14:10  BRICNet Research Initiatives R Cavalcanti 
14:10-14:30  Meet the Editor – Intensive Care Medicine G Citerio 
14:30-14:50  Meet the Editor – Annals of Internal Medicine D Taichman 
Sepsis III – Genetics to Cell Therapy
Moderators: C Dos Santos, J Lacroix
Grand Centre
13:30-13:50  Critical Illness is a Genetic Disease D Maslove 
13:50-14:10  Heterogeneity in Immune Suppression in Early Sepsis A Leligdowicz 
14:10-14:30  Cellular Immunotherapy for Septic Shock L McIntyre 
14:30-14:50 The Perfect Predator has led to Advances in Phage Therapy S Strathdee 
Moderators: L Ferrante, L Burry
Grand West
13:30-13:50  Delirium – Pathophysiology and Consequences G Boyd
13:50-14:10  Can Family Caregivers Detect Delirium in the Critically Ill? K Fiest
14:10-14:30  Delirium – Does it Matter to Children? K Choong
14:30-14:50  Acetaminophen for Prevention of Delirium E Baedorf Kassis
Integrated ECLS
Moderators: E Fan, G Annich
Grand West
15:30-15:50  We Need ECCO2R for ARDS A Combes 
15:50-16:10  We Need ECCO2R for ARDS – NOT G Bellani 
16:10-16:30  MV During Extracorporeal Support – What are the Right Targets? E Fan 
16:30-16:50  Control of Breathing by ECMO in ARDS T Mauri
BPK Legacies II
Moderators: P Laussen, S Dev
Grand East
15:30-15:35  Oral Abstract – Abrupt Deflation after Sustained Inflation Causes Lung Injury B Katira
15:40-15:55  Distress and disconnection in ICU C Parshuram 
16:00-16:05  Oral Abstract – Prone Position Enhances K Osada
16:10-16:30  How to motivate learners G Douflé 
16:30-16:50  Why most negative clinical trials in ARDS may be wrong J Laffey 
Sleep in the ICU
Moderators: G Mehta, K Choong
Sheraton AB
15:30-15:50  Sleep and Wakefulness in the ICU L Brochard 
15:50-16:10 Sleep and Melatonin L Burry 
16:10-16:30  Awake or Asleep – A Fine Balance K Choong 
16:30-16:50  Sleep and delirium in the ICU- What is the Relationship? K Bosma 
Moderators: V McCredie, L Ferrante
Grand Centre
8:30-8:50  What is the Optimal ‘Dose’ of Rehab? B Connolly 
8:50-9:10  From Skeletal Muscle Weakness to Functional Outcomes J Batt 
9:10-9:30  Neuromuscular Blockade and Physical Functional Outcomes in ARDS T Hough 
9:30-9:50  Rehab Timing – Before, Early, Late or Never? B Cuthbertson 
Kavanagh Controversies in Critical Care
Moderators: L Brochard, N Ferguson
Grand East
17:00-17:30  Consensus, Controversy and Medicine M Tobin