Integrating Contemporary Neurocritical Care into the ICU

Sunday, November 10
Grand Centre – Sheraton Centre


Time Duration Topic  Presenter
07:30-08:00 30 Registration and breakfast
08:00-08:15 15 Welcome and introduction to NCC Masterclass
08:15-08:45 30 Important brain-body interactions every intensivist should know about Lung-brain: Mechanical ventilation in acute brain injury Victoria McCredie
08:45-09:15 30 Kidney-brain: Renal failure, renal replacement therapy and renal clearance of drugs in brain injury Susanne Muehlschlegel
09:15-09:45 30 Heart-brain: Stress cardiomyopathy and competing priorities in acute brain injury Alberto Goffi
09:45-10:00 15 Question period
10:00-10:30 Morning break
10:30-11:00 30 Seize the day AEDs: right drug, right patient, right receptor Gretchen Brophy
11:00-11:30 30 Making heads or brains of the EEG report: Basics of normal and abnormal EEG findings Esther Bui
11:30-12:00 30 Putting it all together: How I escalate treatment for status epilepticus Jeffrey Singh
12:00-1215 15 Question period
12:15-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-13:30 30 Brain failure: adding insult to injury ICU delirium: ‘Tertiary’ brain injury in ABI J Gord Boyd
13:30-14:00 Blood pressure after ABI: How and when to adjust? Mauro Oddo
14:00-14:30 30 CO2: too little of a good thing Donald Griesdale
14:30-14:45 15 Question period
14:45-15:15 Afternoon break
15:15-15:45 30 Neurocritical care pearls of wisdom Competing interests in basic resuscitation: best NCC practices for salt, sugar and oxygen Andrew Baker
15:45-16:15 30 Top 10 things not to miss on brain imaging: Neuroimaging for the non-neurologist Sapna Rawal
16:15-16:45 30 Top 5 publications that changed my neurocritical care practice Jose Suarez
16:45-17:00 15 Question period
17:00-17:15 15 Closing remarks