Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Research & Training Environment

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Addressing Diversity Issues in Training & Research
Moderators: D Piquette, A Leligdowicz
8:30-8:40 Welcome and Opening Blessing A Fox-Robichaud; R Perry
8:40-9:05 Sex & Gender Equality Policy in Research Funding C Tannenbaum
9:15-9:30 The Role of Professional Societies in Equity & Diversity Issues A Fox-Robichaud
9:35-10:00 Trainee Abstract Discussion Facilitators G Vasquez & C Gomez
9:35-9:40 Gender disparities in pediatric critical care research G Xu
9:45-9:50 The impact of gender on clinical evaluation of critical care medicine trainees J Spring
9:50-10:00 Discussion
Indigenous Peoples’ Issues in Training & Research
Moderators: M Sen, A Mendelson
10:30-10:50 Walking the Road of a Researcher Ally P Camp
11:00-11:15 Iterative Peer Review for Indigenous Health Research Applications L Richardson
11:20-11:35 Indigenous Patients’ Healthcare Experience After Overdose M St. Onge
11:35-12:00 Abstract Discussion Facilitators A Binnie & M Peretz-Larochelle
11:35-11:40 Do social determinants increase the risk of an in-hospital critical event when admitted to medicine or surgery? D Lee
11:45-11:50 Extending the Median Odds Ratio to Describe Association Between Ethnicity and Care Limitations in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care C Yarnell
11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks A Fox-Robichaud; R Perry