Dr. Mithu Sen

Dr. Sen is Associate Professor Medicine, Divisions of Respirology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry (SSMD). She has been extensively involved in undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development since 2004.

She has been Director of Undergraduate Education, Postgraduate Education, Program Director in Critical Medicine (Adult), and is the founding Chair of the Canadian Critical Care Review Course. She has been Assistant Dean, Faculty Equity and Wellness since 2014. In this role, she has been the Chair of the Mentorship Oversight Committee, the Faculty Affairs Advisory Committee and the Faculty Wellness Committee. Her leadership created an international peer reviewed award winning Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Faculty Wellness Program in 2016 and 2017.

Dr. Sen serves on The Associated Medical Service (AMS) Board of Directors, which oversees many aspects of education nationally including History of Medicine (including Hannah Chairs) and the award winning AMS Phoenix Project. She is an experienced Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) appointed external surveyor for postgraduate training programs nationally. She is recognized nationally for her expertise in accreditation of academic institutions and training programs. She was serves on Fellowship Affairs Committee, along others (RCPSC). Her experience in health care and hospital systems, having been on the Board at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), Professional Staff Organization (PSO) President, and Medical Advisory Committee member, as well as Chair of LHSC Resuscitation Committee for more than 10 years, gives her experience significant breadth.

She has been instrumental in developing health policy locally and nationally since 2008. Her experience as an educator and her influence is sought after in national projects and policies, including those setting precedence in the Canadian health care system, including the Fatigue, Risk, Excellence: A PanCanadian Consensus on Resident Duty Hours, published (2013), where she was recruited to serve on the Medical Education Expert Working Group (EWG) and contributing author as well as currently on the Fatigue Risk Management EWG.

Dr Sen was recruited in 2011 to The CanMEDS 2015 Project, to write milestones and elements in The Scholar, Life Long Learner EWG as a core member and a contributing author. This work is the fabric of all specialty and subspecialty program to translate into the CBME program. She has been continuing this work by writing Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s) at RCSPC. She was trained as trainer in the first RCPSC ASPIRE (Advancing Patient Safety in Residency Education. She was elected Chair of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Physician Health and Wellness Group, bringing undergraduate, postgraduate, and faculty affairs, work in this area and leading this initiative nationally. She is an integral member of RCPSC Steering Committee National Physician Health Strategy. She was an invited speaker at Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Canadian Conference on Physician Health (CCPH) 2017. She serves on the national RCPSC Specialty Committee, and is the Director of Education for The Canadian Critical Care Society. She serves on the curriculum Planning Committee and chaired the Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS) Better Breathing Conference in 2016. She has also been an instructor for Crucial Conversations (VitalSmarts) for a decade.

Dr. Sen received The Cameron Gray Award (OTS) in 2000, Junior Teaching Award of Excellence in the Department of Medicine in 2008, and Dean’s Award of Excellence for Postgraduate Education in 2013. She received the AAMC “Best in Class International Award” in 2016 & 2017, for her leadership at SSMD in faculty vitality & wellness, resilience, and work life integration. The Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA), AAMC is the international expert group in Faculty Affairs, thus great  honour to win this peer reviewed international award two years in a row (2016 & 2017). This innovative work was the creation of a faculty wellness program at SSMD, Western University, that led to this prestigious international  recognition of our University as a lead in this area of faculty affairs.