Dr. Lauralyn Mcintyre

Dr. McIntyre is an Intensivist at the Ottawa Hospital, Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa and a Senior Scientist with the Clinical Epidemiology Department of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. She is the Critical Care Research Director at the Ottawa Hospital and a member of the Canadian Critical Care Trials and Translational Biology Groups. She has published 120 papers, 116 abstracts, and 4 book chapters. She has also secured 44 grants and 29 million dollars in peer-reviewed and industry-sponsored unrestricted research funds in the last 5 years.

Dr. McIntyre’s research focuses on resuscitation, transfusion, and MSC use in the critically ill. She is leading a CIHR-funded pragmatic cluster cross-over RCT examining the effectiveness of Ringer’s Lactate as compared to Normal Saline (FLUID). She also leads a translational research program examining the use of MSCs for the treatment of septic shock (Cellular Immunotherapy in Septic Shock: CISS)