Dr Élie Azoulay

Professor of Medicine, Specialty Pulmonary Medicine and Critical care
Director of the Medical-ICU of the Saint-Louis Teaching Hospital, Paris, France
Editor in chief of Intensive Care Medicine, Impact factor 12.015
Director of the research group on the management of acute respiratory failure and outcomes in critically ill immunocompromised patients (Grrr-OH, created in 2005, 33 centers). Nine-I investigators (68 ICUs in 16 countries in the US and Canada).
Director of the French FAMIREA study group (1996, 100 centers throughout France): a multicenter collaborative multidisciplinary group aimed at improving effectiveness of communication with family members of ICU-patients. This group is funded by the Ministry of Health and the French Society for Critical Care (SRLF)
Past Chairman of the ethics section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Part of the executive committee of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine