Dr. Alexis Turgeon

Alexis Turgeon is an Associate Professor and Director of Research in the Division of Critical Care Medicine at Université Laval, and practices Critical Care Medicine at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval in Québec City. His research program focus on the evaluation of prognosis, level of care decisions and transfusion in critically ill patients with traumatic brain injury. He leads the TBI-Prognosis Study aiming at developing prognostic models of long-term prognosis following severe TBI, the TBI-QualE study on level of care decisions in critically ill TBI patients, and the HEMOTION trial on RBC transfusion in critically ill TBI patients. His program of research on Optimal Practices in Critical Care Neurology and Trauma is funded by a CIHR Foundation Scheme grant.

Dr. Turgeon is the co-Chair of the Canadian Traumatic brain injury Research Consortium and the Director of Cochrane Canada Francophone. He is the Canada Research Chair in Critical Care Neurology and Trauma.