Scientific Presentations of the Critical Care Canada Forum 2013
Monday, November 11, 2013

Presentation titles in red can be clicked to view a PDF of the presentation.

Plenary RCT

Moderators: S. Lapinsky – L. Gattinoni Osgoode East
8:00-8:15 K. Puntillo Relieving Thirst in ICU – An RCT Watch on YouTube
8:15-8:20 S. Halpern Editorial Comment
8:20-8:30 Discussion

End of Life (EOL) Care In ICU

Moderators: D. Scales – N. Ferguson Osgoode East
8:30-8:50 L. Kenny Why EOL Care Causes Difficulty Watch on YouTube
8:50-9:10 S. Halpern Variability in Decisions to Limit Life Support Watch on YouTube
9:10-9:30 R. Fowler EOL Care in Ontario
9:30-9:50 E. Azoulay EOL Care World-wide
9:50-10:00 Discussion

ARDS – Defining and Refining

Moderators: L. Brochard – E. Fan Osgoode West
8:30-8:50 G. Rubenfeld The Berlin Definition: Why Necessary?
8:50-9:10 J. Villar ARDS vs. ARDS: Effect of Stratification
9:10-9:30 M. Amato Ventilator Settings: New ‘Safe’ Limits
9:30-9:50 L. Gattinoni Dissecting VILI from ARDS
9:50-10:00 Discussion

Cutting Edge Infections

Moderators: T. Stewart – R. Zarychanski Sheraton Hall AB
8:30-8:50 K. Walley Inflammatory Pathways in Sepsis
8:50-9:10 A. Kumar Assessing Immune Defects and Infection Risk
9:10-9:30 M. Antonelli Endotoxin Removal in Gram Negative Sepsis
9:30-9:50 B. Cuthbertson Antibiotics: The Interests of Many vs. the Few
9:50-10:00 Discussion

10:00-10:30 – Break – Served in the Exhibit Hall

End of Life 2

Moderators: A. Baker – S. Bagshaw Osgoode East Watch on YouTube
10:30-10:50 S. Bagshaw Approaching EOL in the Elderly
10:50-11:10 J. Downar Protocolized Withdrawal of Life Support
11:10-11:30 J. Kahn Measuring the Quality of EOL
11:30-11:50 G. Rubenfeld EOL and The Media
11:50-12:00 Discussion

ARDS – New Therapies

Moderators: J. Villar – C. dos Santos Osgoode West
10:30-10:50 L. Gattinoni What Now for Prone Positioning?
10:50-11:10 E. Fan Severe ARDS: Prone, Paralysis and ECMO?
11:10-11:30 A. Combes Severe ARDS: ECCO2R and Ultraprotective Ventilation
11:30-11:50 J. Laffey Stem Cells for ALI/ARDS: Promise and Pitfalls
11:50-12:00 Discussion

International Critical Care

Moderators: T. Stewart – Y. Shehabi Sheraton Hall AB
10:30-10:50 J-L. Vincent Sepsis – Global Insights from ICON
10:50-11:10 S. Bhagwanjee Sepsis in Low-Middle Income Countries
11:10-11:30 C. Gomersall Care of the Critically Ill – Global Perspective
11:30-11:50 N. Adhikari Quality Improvement in Low-Resource Settings
11:50-12:00 Discussion

Leadership & Education

Moderators: C. Martin – J. Marshall Sheraton Hall C
10:30-10:50 C. Gomersall Re-thinking ICU education
10:50-11:10 B. Cuthbertson Leadership: What’s Different about ICU?
11:10-11:30 S. Dev Multimedia in ICU Education
11:30-11:50 S. Moffatt Rutledge Award (Excellence in Critical Care Teaching)
11:50-12:00 Discussion

Plenary RCT

Moderators: J. Laffey – E. Fan Osgoode East
12:00 – 12:05 Introduction of Dr Laurant Brochard, University of Toronto Director of Critical Care Medicine
12:05-12:15 Y. Shehabi Procalcitonin in Severe Sepsis – An RCT Watch on YouTube
12:15-12:20 L. Brochard Editorial Comment
12:20-12:30 Discussion

12:30-13:30 – Lunch – Served in the Exhibit Hall

AC Bryan Physiology Symposium

Moderators: P. Cox – K. Walley Osgoode East Watch on YouTube
13:30-13:50 M. Amato Interactions: Ventilation Among Lung Zones
13:50-14:10 L. Brochard Interactions: Patients vs. Ventilators
14:10-14:30 L. Shekerdemian Interactions: Heart vs. Lungs
14:30-14:50 S. Magder Interactions: Ventilator vs. Cardiovascular
14:50-15:00 Discussion

Knowledge Translation & Implementation

Moderators: T. Stewart – J. Singh Osgoode West
13:30-13:50 A. Amaral Implementation: EBM in ICU
13:50-14:10 J. Kahn Implementation: Prompting to Enhance Protocols
14:10-14:30 J. Muscedere aCKTion Net: The Canadian Critical Care Knowledge Translation Network
14:30-14:50 R. Dhaliwal ICU Nutrition: Knowledge and Translation World-Wide
14:50-15:00 Discussion

Organ Donation

Moderators: B. Cuthbertson – D. Cook Sheraton Hall AB
13:30-13:50 S. Shemie Donation Physician Specialists
13:50-14:10 D. Malinoski Managing a Donor – New Insights
14:10-14:30 M. Cypel Managing an Organ – New Therapies
14:30-14:50 S. Halpern Managing the System – Improving Allocation
14:50-15:00 Discussion

Cardiac II: Shock & Transfusion

Moderators: S. Magder – R. Arora Sheraton Hall C
13:30-13:50 A. Combes Cardiogenic Shock: Add a Balloon Pump to VA-ECMO?
13:50-14:10 J. Granton Cardiogenic Shock: Rehabilitating the RV
14:10-14:30 D. Mazer CV Surgery: Transfusion and Blood Conservation
14:30-14:50 R. Zarychanski CV Surgery: Treatment of Postop Bleeding
14:50-15:00 Discussion

CCCF-CCCS Oral Abstracts and More – Part 1

Moderators: K. Burns – C. dos Santos – L. Rose Sheraton Hall E
13:30-13:55 D. Cook The Expert: Building Clinical Research – VTE
13:55-14:10 M. Banoei Using metabolomics for H1N1 pneumonia diagnosis and prognosis
14:10-14:25 E. Payne Increased electrographic seizure burden among critically ill children is associated with a decline in neurologic function at hospital discharge
14:25-14:40 H. Amatullah Targeted deletion of DJ-1 attenuates morbidity and mortality in experimental sepsis through improved bacterial clearance
14:40-15:00 C. dos Santos The Expert: Building Translational Research – VILI

15:00-15:30 – Break – Served in the Exhibit Hall

Critical Care Systems

Moderators: T. Stelfox – R. Fowler Osgoode East Watch on YouTube
15:30-15:50 C. Gomersall Outcomes – Impact of Denied Admission
15:50-16:10 D. Zygun Outcomes – Impact of ICU Queing
16:10-16:30 A. Amaral Impact – Different Doctors Every Night
16:30-16:50 S. Halpern Impact – Nighttime ICU Physician Staffing
16:50-17:00 Discussion

Clinical Research & Trials

Moderators: G. Rubenfeld – P. Hebert Osgoode West
15:30-15:50 N. Adhikari Do Physicians Assist Trial Recrutiment?
15:50-16:10 B. Kavanagh Trial Registration Patterns in CCM
16:10-16:30 C. Munro Interdisciplinary Research: Possibilities and Pitfalls
16:30-16:50 S. Bhagwanjee Research during Disasters
16:50-17:00 Discussion

The ‘Other’ Brain Injury

Moderators: S. Dev – J. Singh Sheraton Hall AB
15:30-15:50 S. Mehta Delirium in ICU: Lessons from the SLEAP trial
15:50-16:10 M. Herridge Neuropsychiatric Outcomes in Patients & Caregivers after ICU
16:10-16:30 L. Burry Pharmacologic Treatment of Delirium
16:30-16:50 Y. Shehabi Early Goal-Directed Sedation
16:50-17:00 Discussion


Moderators: N. Ferguson – E. Azoulay Sheraton Hall C
15:30-15:50 D. Brodie ECMO: Extubating and Ambulating
15:50-16:10 L. Brochard ECMO: The French Experience
16:10-16:30 E. Fan Outcomes Following ECMO
16:30-16:50 A. Combes Ventilation during ECMO
16:50-17:00 Discussion

CCCF-CCCS Oral Abstracts and More – Part 2

Moderators: K. Burns – C. dos Santos – L. Rose Sheraton Hall E
15:30-15:55 K. Walley The Expert: Genes and Outcomes in Sepsis
15:55-16:10 H. Prescott Obesity and One-Year Outcomes in Older Americans with Severe Sepsis
16:10-16:25 A. Gunz Identifying significant and relevant events during pediatric transport: A modified-Delphi study
16:25-16:40 D.Zhou Informed target discovery for gene and stem cell therapy in acute lung injury
16:40-17:00 J. Marshall The Expert: Career Planning as a Clinician-Scientist

Plenary RCT

Moderators: N. Adhikari – S. Bhagwanjee Osgoode East Watch on YouTube
17:00-17:15 C. Parshuram Resident Staffing Study
17:15-17:20 E. Azoulay Editorial Comment
17:20-17:30 Discussion