Scientific Presentations of the Critical Care Canada Forum 2012
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Plenary Session – The Michael Ward Lectureship 

Moderators: J. Hutchision – J. Marshall Osgoode East
8:00-8:20 M. Singer De-stressing the distressed
8:20-8:30 Discussion

Decision Making Near the End of Life – Part 1

Moderators: R. Fowler – Hon. S. Carstairs Osgoode East
8:30-8:45 S. Carstairs Opening Remarks
8:45-9:05 R. Fowler When and how do patients die in Canada?
9:05-9:25 D. White Improving use of advanced directives
9:25-9:45 S. Halpern Is consideration of organ donation good practice in EOL care?
9:45-10:05 L. Priest End of life care– a journalist’s perspective
10:05-10:10 Discussion


Ventilation I – Monitoring and Spontaneous Breathing 

Moderators: F. Laghi – E. Fan Osgoode West
8:30-8:50 C. Guerin EIT to deliver mechanical ventilation in ARDS patients
8:50-9:10 K. Bosma Asynchrony during mechanical ventilation
9:10-9:30 L. Brochard Spontaneous breathing in patients in ARDS
9:30-9:50 A. Pesenti Tracking lung recruitment and regional tidal volume at the bedside
9:50-10:00 Discussion


Cardiology I

Moderators: A. Denault – S. Shemie Sheraton Hall AB
8:30-8:50 A. Combes Fulminant myocarditis
8:50-9:10 A. Denault Hemodynamic instability: an echo-hemodynamic approach
9:10-9:30 S. Kanji Atrial fibrillation in the critically ill adult
9:30-9:50 S. Mehta Troponin elevations in the critically ill – what do they mean?


10:00-10:30 – Break


Decision Making Near the End of Life – Part 2

Moderators: R. Fowler – Hon. S. Carstairs Osgoode East
10:30-10:50 D. White Withdrawing & withholding – are the ethical issues similar?
10:50-11:05 M. Singer Withdrawing & withholding – a clinician’s perspective from the UK
11:05-11:20 J. Granton Withdrawing & withholding – a local clinician’s perspective
11:20-11:40 E. Azoulay Creating a research agenda for end of life care
11:40-12:00 J. Downar An end of life “Checklist”: don’t die without it!


Ventilation II – Weaning and Non-invasive Ventilation

Moderators: D. McAuley – K. Bosma Osgoode West
10:30-10:50 L. Brochard Current use of non-invasive ventilation
10:50-11:10 F. Laghi Respiratory muscle dysfunction and weaning
11:10-11:30 S. Carson Prolonged mechanical ventilation
11:30-11:50 B. Blackwood Weaning protocols – straight jacket or safety net?
11:50-12:00 Discussion


Critical Care Potpourri

Moderators: S. Bagshaw – S. Lapinsky Sheraton Hall AB
10:30-10:50 S. Bagshaw Frailty in Critical Illness
10:50-11:10 M. Schultz Intensive Insulin Therapy – What is the role in 2012?
11:10-11:30 A. Malhotra Upper airway in critically ill – sleep apnea and perioperative risk, airway
11:30-11:50 J. Granton Pulmonary hypertension
11:50-12:00 Discussion


Plenary RCT 

Moderators: L. Brochard – N. Ferguson Osgoode East
12:00-12:15 C. Guerin Prone positioning for ARDS
12:15-12:20 J. Laffey Editorial comment
Questions & Discussion


12:30-13:30 – Lunch 


Caring for the Brain-Injured Patient I 

Moderators: A. Baker – A. Turgeon Osgoode East
13:30-13:50 J. Singh Management of Intracranial emergencies
13:50-14:10 J. Laffey Hypocapnia and the Injured Brain: More harm than benefit
14:10-14:30 J. Hutchison Neuroprotection
14:30-14:50 D. Zygun Glycemic control in neurocritical care patients
14:50-15:00 Discussion



Moderators: N. Lazar – E. Azoulay Osgoode West
13:30-13:50 E. Azoulay ICU conflicts
13:50-14:10 D. White Giving recommendations to surrogates in ICUs: not whether, but how
14:10-14:30 J. Downar Rapid response teams and end-of-life care
14:30-14:50 S. Halpern How strong are patients’ preferences for end-of-life care?
14:50-15:00 Discussion


Organ Donation

Moderators: S. Shemie – S. Dhanani Sheraton Hall AB
13:30-13:50 R. Fowler Does ICU capacity influence EOL decision making
13:50-14:10 R. Murugan Intensivist-led organ donor care in the ICU
14:10-14:30 M. Sharpe Growing DCD in Ontario
14:30-14:50 S. Wall Evaluation of the NYC out-of-hospital uDCDD program
14:50-15:00 Discussion


Basic Science 

Moderators: J. Hutchison – W. Lee Sheraton Hall C
13:30-13:50 C. Dos Santos Mesenchymal stem cell treatment of experimental sepsis
13:50-14:10 W. Lee The lung endothelium is an unrecognized target for infection
14:10-14:30 B. Kavanagh Do circulating mediators cause VILI?
14:30-14:50 M. Singer Modulating nitric oxide – where are we now?
14:50-15:00 Discussion


15:00-15:30 – Break


Caring for the Brain-Injured Patient II

Moderators: J. Singh – J. Hutchison Osgoode East
15:30-15:50 A. Baker Understanding mild traumatic brain injury
15:50-16:10 A. Turgeon Can serum biomarkers be useful for prognostication in TBI?
16:10-16:30 D. Zygun Subspecialty neuro-critical care: has the time come?
16:30-16:50 A. Guerguerian Traumatic brain injury trials – what’s next?
16:50-17:00 Discussion


Extracorporeal Life Support

Moderators: M. Schultz – J. Granton Osgoode West
15:30-15:50 A. Combes Should we rescue out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with ECMO?
15:50-16:10 E. Fan Mechanical ventilation for patients on ECMO – how, why, future studies
16:10-16:30 M. Cypel ECLS – Bridge to lung transplantation  
16:30-16:50 A. Pesenti Ultra low flow CO2 removal: new techniques
16:50-17:00 Discussion


Clinical Research I

Moderators: M. Terblanche – J. Iwashyna Sheraton Hall AB
15:30-15:50 K. Burns Recruitment in critical care research
15:50-16:10 A. Garland Administrative database research – what it can and cannot do
16:10-16:30 S. Halpern ICU length of stay: new approaches to a challenging outcome
16:30-16:50 J. Iwashyna Disability, not quality of life, should be the outcome for RCTs
16:50-17:00 Discussion


Translational Science 

Moderators: J. Laffey – C. Dos Santos Sheraton Hall C
15:30-15:50 J. Hutchison Personalised medicine for children with TBI
15:50-16:10 F. Lamontagne Translation of preclinical data to clinical research or clinical practice 
16:10-16:30 D. McAuley How can human models of ALI inform clinical trials
16:30-16:50 L. McIntyre Mesenchymal cellular therapy for the critically ill: mechanisms and potential therapeutic uses
16:50-17:00 Discussion


Plenary Debate – 24/7 Intensivist Staffing 

Moderators: T. Stewart – S. Lapinsky Osgoode East
17:15-17:25 N. Gibney 24/7 Intensivist staffing – a bitter pill whose time has come
17:25-17:35 J. Kahn 24/7 Intensivist staffing – a bitter pill not required
17:35-17:40 N. Gibney Rebuttal
17:40-17:45 J. Kahn Rebuttal
17:45-18:00 Discussion