Scientific Program – Wednesday


7:00-8:00 Coffee & Tea Served Vide Foyer
Plenary RCT
Moderators: TBD
Grand EAST
8:00-8:15 EPVENT2 Trial – Esophageal Pressure in ARDS D Talmor
8:15-8:20 Editorial Comment M Amato
8:20-8:30 Questions and Discussion
Sepsis I – Mechanistic Insights
Moderators: TBD
Grand EAST
8:30-8:50 Myths, dogma and misconceptions in sepsis M Singer
8:50-9:10 The mitochondria in sepsis J Fraser
9:10-9:30 Lipoproteins in sepsis K Walley
9:30-9:50 Molecular subclasses of sepsis H Wong
9:50-10:00 Discussion
Spontaneous Breathing with Mechanical Ventilation
Moderators: TBD
8:30-8:50 The Dark Side of Spontaneous Breathing T Yoshida
8:50-9:10 Safe Spontaneous Breathing E Goligher
9:10-9:30 Plateau and driving pressure during spontaneous breathing G Bellani
9:30-9:50 Respiratory Mechanics to deliver a safe ventilation in ARDS L Brochard
9:50-10:00 Discussion
ATS Workshop – The Research Agenda for Precision Medicine in ARDS & Sepsis
Identifying Endotypes in Sepsis & ARDS

Moderators: S Yende, E Azoulay
Grand WEST
8:30-8:40 Using observational and RCT datasets to identify endotypes C Calfee
8:55-9:05 Integrating omics platforms and using EHR to identify endotypes A Gordon
9:20-9:30 Statistical approaches to identify endotypes G Clermont
9:45-10:00 Questions and Panel Discusssion
CIHR-CCCS Investigator Forum – Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Research & Training Environment / Addressing Diversity Issues in Training & Research
Moderators: D Piquette, B Yipp
Sheraton AB
8:30-8:40 Welcome and Opening Blessing A Fox-Robichaud; R Perry
8:40-9:00 Sex & Gender Equality Policy in Research Funding C Tannenbaum
9:05-9:15 Review of the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) Guidelines TBD
9:20-9:35 Unconscious Bias in Appointments & Promotion A Perlas
9:35-9:40 Trainee Presentation 1 TBD
9:45-9:50 Trainee Presentation 2 TBD
9:50-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:30 AM BREAK
All about the PEEP
Moderators: TBD
Grand EAST
10:30-10:50 Bedside PEEP setting by EIT G Bellani
10:50-11:10 Eye-opening reanalysis of the ART trial M Amato
11:10-11:30 PEEP can adversely affect the right heart A Vieillard-Baron
11:30-11:50 CNAP is better than PEEP T Yoshida
11:50-12:00 Discussion
Protecting and Preserving the Injured Brain
Moderators: TBD
10:30-10:50 Rethinking neuroprotection at the bedside for acute brain injury V McCredie
10:50-11:10 Glucose and the brain in ICU: hyper versus hypo? G Van den Berghe
11:10-11:30 Should a decompressive craniectomy ever be done in TBI? A Turgeon
11:30-11:50 Suspended animation for ischaemia-reperfusion injury M Singer
11:50-12:00 Discussion
Organizing & Sustaining Precision Platforms
Moderators: N Meyer, N Ferguson
Grand WEST
10:30-10:40 Efficient Trial Designs for Drug Development TBD
10:55-11:05 Measuring Complex Biomarkers in Multientre RCTs FDA Speaker
11:20-11:30 Novel Funding Mechanisms to Sustain Precision Platforms N Aggarwal
11:40-11:50 Learning from Breast Cancer & Stroke TBD
11:50-12:00 Discussion
Indigenous Peoples’ Issues in Training & Research
Moderators: M Sen, C Dos Santos
Sheraton AB
10:30-10:50 Address Indigenous Health in Critical Care Research & Training C Bourassa
11:00-11:15 Iterative Peer Review for Indigenous Health Research Applications L Richardson
11:20-11:35 Indigenous Patients’ Healthcare Experience After Overdose M St. Onge
11:35-11:40 Trainee Presentation 3 TBD
11:45-11:50 Trainee Presentation 4 TBD
11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks A Fox-Robichaud; R Perry
12:00-13:00 LUNCH
Plenary Session: Threats to the Concept of Brain Death
Moderators: N Ferguson, B Kavanagh
Grand EAST
13:00-13:05 Case Presentation B Kavanagh
13:05-13:20 Medical – Death is Not Brain-based A Joffe
13:20-13:35 Medical – Death is Brain-based S Shemie
13:35-13:50 Legal Uncertainty H Scher
13:50-14:05 Legal Coherence E Baron
14:05-14:20 Ethical Reflections R Sibbald
14:20-14:35 International Perspectives on Medical and Legal Threats to Brain Death D Greer
14:35-15:00 Panel Discussion and Audience Questions
15:00 – 15:30 PM BREAK
Organ Donation I
Moderators: S Dhanani, S Bead
Grand EAST
15:30-15:50 Changing Demographics in Death After Devastating Brain Injury A Kramer
15:50-16:10 The Opiate Epidemic and Organ Donation S Keenan
16:10-16:50 Death Determination: Challenging Cases Panelists: M Thompson, D Grear, A Healey, J Singh, M Weiss
16:50-17:00 Discussion
Critical Care Cardiology
Moderators: TBD
15:30-15:50 High dose GIK therapy for low output shock M Singer
15:50-16:10 The right ventricle: from physiology to clinical application A Vieillard-Baron
16:10-16:30 Who cares about the diastolic pressure? S Magder
16:30-16:50 Cardio pulmonary interaction during CPR J-C Richard
16:50-17:00 Discussion
Sepsis II – Emerging Therapies
Moderators: TBD
Grand WEST
15:30-15:50 New frontiers for antibiotics A Torres
15:50-16:10 New frontiers for IVIG in sepsis M Shankar-Hari
16:10-16:30 VA ECMO for septic shock A Combes
16:30-16:50 Cellular Immunotherapy in Sepsis L McIntyre
16:50-17:00 Discussion
Engaging Patients and the ICU Team
Moderators: TBD
Sheraton AB
15:30-15:50 An international perspective on interprofessional rounds A Amaral
15:50-16:10 ICU teams and implementation science: Where the rubber meets the road D Costa
16:10-16:30 Engaging patients and families in critical care research K Fiest
16:30-16:50 The New PICU – from a Toxic to Healing Environment K Choong
16:50-17:00 Discussion
Plenary Address
Moderators: TBD
Grand EAST
17:00-17:40 Hydrocortisone, Vitamin C and Thiamine for Septic Shock P Marik
17:40-17:50 Not so fast – we need more data N Adhikari
17:50-18:00 Questions and Discussion