Dr. Takeshi Yoshida

pictakeshiyoshidaDr. Yoshida is a graduate from Mie University School of Medicine in Japan. He completed his clinical training in Osaka and is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. His graduate training (PhD) was completed in Osaka (Dr. Fujino) and focused on mechanisms of lung injury; during this time he demonstrated that lung injury can result from spontaneous effort during mechanical ventilation. Following this he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in São Paulo (Dr. Amato) where he described ‘Pendelluft’, a new mechanism of spontaneous breathing-associated lung injury. He is currently completing an additional 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in Toronto (Dr. Kavanagh) focusing on negative abdominal pressure, spontaneous breathing, and ARDS. Dr. Yoshida is supported by a RestraComp training award from the Hospital for Sick Children; he has published 35 papers and received multiple awards.