Dr. John Muscedere

John Muscedere MD, FRCPC is a Professor of Medicine at Queen’s University and an Intensivist at Kingston General Hospital in Kingston, Ontario Canada. He is the ICU Research Director for the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Queen’s University. Dr. Muscedere has extensive experience in clinical research, both in investigator initiated and industry sponsored research.

He is the Scientific Director for the Networks of Centers of Excellence (NCE) funded Canadian Frailty Network (CFN). CFN is dedicated to improving care for frail elderly Canadians, estimated at over 1 million which will increasingly rise as the population ages. Frailty is associated with poor outcomes including increased mortality, decreased quality of life and increased healthcare resource consumption. Through its efforts, CFN will increase the knowledge necessary to improve frailty outcomes and increase its recognition in the Canadian healthcare system. For more information: www.cfn-nce.ca